4 of the Most Unique Escape Room Themes in the World

Escape rooms are one of the most unique group adventures you can undertake. You and some friends and maybe some strangers get locked in a room. To escape, you have to solve all the puzzles, decipher all the clues, and get to the bottom of the story the room presents.

Each escape room has a theme and storyline to go along with the theme. Your group is dropped into the middle of the story and all the props, clues, and puzzles in the room go along with the theme and the story.

While there are some common escape room themes — trapped with a monster, stuck in a laboratory, a viral outbreak — a few escape rooms have come up with themes so unique they’re truly a one of a kind experience.

Here are the most unique escape room themes from around the world.

The Basement, Los Angeles California

Not all escape rooms are scary. Some of them are family-friendly fun. But others, like The Basement in LA, are 100% mature content.

Horror based escape rooms are not for the faint of heart or stomach, and The Basement is no exception. In this terrifying trial, your group is trapped in a basement with a cannibalistic serial killer. If you don’t escape within 45 minutes, you’ll be on the dinner table.

Sherlock: The Game Is Now, London England

When it comes to solving mysteries, there are no better partners than Sherlock and Watson. If you’ve ever wanted to work with this dynamic duo, your dreams can come true at The Game is Now escape room in London.

Your group chooses which mystery you want to solve, all based around the universe of BBC’s Sherlock. In fact, the cast of the show pops up to give you clues throughout the adventure.

For fans of the world’s greatest detective, there’s no better escape room in the world.

Escape Boats, Dublin Ireland

Most escape rooms are built within a regular retail building. The rooms are immersive, for sure, but not nearly as immersive as Escape Boats in Dublin. This escape “room” is actually on a real boat!

Your group must navigate through the entire boat to gather the clues and solve the puzzles necessary to complete the story. This one of a kind escape venue offers two scenarios — one where you’re a prisoner trying to escape a convict ship and one where you need to escape the mysteriously abandoned ship.

In either scenario, you’ll be challenged and blown away by the experience.

Avalanche of Oblivion, Escaldes-Engordany, Andorra

Most escape rooms incorporate some element of survival, but very few actually test your survival skills. In the Avalanche of Oblivion escape room, your group has been caught in an avalanche in the mountains. If you can’t gather everything you need and complete the tasks necessary to survive, you’ll never leave the mountain.

This interesting twist on an escape room tests your practical abilities as much as your ability to solve puzzles and decipher clues.

Escape Room Themes That Keep You Guessing

Escape rooms are a great way to enjoy an adventure with friends. These escape room themes will keep you guessing from the moment you enter the scene until you manage to escape — if you do!

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