5 Fun Team-Building Activities for College Students in Dublin

Team building activities are great icebreakers for college student organizations! Try one of these fun team-building activities for college students

How do you get students to bond effectively?

Team building activities for college students are the perfect way to do this!

These types of games can range from in-class activities to sprawling outdoor leisure. And finding the right one for your students needn’t be difficult either—here are some of our top picks.

The 5 Best Team Building Activities for College Students

If you’re looking for something to do for students in Dublin, read up and pick one of these to make sure your class finds a great way to connect with one another.

Spaghetti Tower

This collaborative exercise involves splitting your students into a few teams and giving them building materials. When we say building materials, we mean things such as dry spaghetti, tape, marshmallows, and strings!

The aim of the game is to design a tower that is structurally sound and as tall as possible. Whoever builds the tallest tower wins. In order to create the tallest tower, students will have to make sure they communicate and collaborate effectively.

Shark Tank

This fun exercise involves students pitching ideas to a panel of ‘investors,’ much like the popular TV show.

This will help your students to work on their creative thinking, as well as develop time management and public speaking skills. Presentation is also a large part of this activity.

Students will have to come up with a brand name, logo, and a product, as well as their marketing strategy for said product. The other teams play the role of the investors and have a duty to give feedback.

Escape Room

For those unaware, escape rooms are large interactive puzzles based within rooms. Once inside, teams have to work together to solve riddles and clues in order to leave before time runs out.

As the groups work together, they find new clues that help them move onto the next clue, eventually locating a key (or code, or other information) that allows them to get out. The difficulty of escape rooms can vary greatly, but regardless, teams must learn to communicate and work together effectively in order to achieve their objective.

The great thing about escape rooms is that they’re designed with many different themes. Some are based on television shows and others take place in horror or adventure settings, so there’s a scenario out there for everyone.


This fun game involves the use of various items to create obstacles within an empty space. You can use chairs, boxes or whatever you deem suitable to create an obstacle course that players must be guided through while blindfolded.

As you divide your groups into pairs, one person must walk through the minefield while the other guides them using verbal instructions.

You can even make the exercise more difficult by having multiple pairs working to get through the minefield at the same time.

Scavenger Hunt

You may think a scavenger hunt is just for children, but you’d be wrong! The teambuilding aspect of scavenger hunting requires plenty of preparation, teamwork, strategizing, and task delegation.

Split your students up into different teams and provide them with a set time limit. This means students have to work together in order to get the most amount of items in the time allotted.

Team Building Fun

As you can see, you’ll never be short of things for your students to do in Dublin. There is a great range of team building activities for college students to get to know one another, so pick one of these and go and have some fun!

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