7 Skills Needed to Beat an Escape Room in Dublin

If you’re interested in lush landscapes, architectural treasures, and a booming nightlife, then come to Dublin, Ireland.

Dublin offers plenty of restaurants, pubs, and entertainment for both locals and tourists. For the academically inclined, there are tours of Trinity College which houses the Book of Kells.

Perhaps visiting an escape room better suits you?

Not sure about trying an escape room in Dublin? No need to worry. We’ll explain what they are and how to escape them.

Want to Visit an Escape Room in Dublin?

An escape room in Dublin is a unique experience sure to please participants. It’s an interactive game where members solve puzzles and gather clues to escape before time runs out.

Our top-rated SOS escape room immerses your team in puzzles and clues on a boat. But if you’re in the mood to be a convict, then that room is an option too.

Listed below are escape room tips. Follow them to increase your likelihood of completing your mission.

1. Invite your Friends and Family

Bringing the right people along to an escape room adds enjoyment to the experience. Selecting people who like games but won’t ruin the mood with extreme competitiveness is important.

Although escape rooms are fun for the entire family, it may be wise to invite adolescents instead of younger children.

2. Wear Comfortable Clothing

Escape rooms place the participants in scenarios requiring bending, crawling, lifting, and sitting. The last thing you want is for someone to sustain an injury from high heels or open-toed shoes.

3. Assign Puzzles to Team Members

Depending on how your escape room is designed, assigning puzzles to team members helps. Not only does it utilise your time, but gets everyone involved.

No one wants to feel left out. Assigning tasks or clues allows all members to enjoy the fun.

4. Solve Puzzles Out of Order

If you’ve never solved escape room puzzles before, then consider solving them out of order. Many teams become fixated on a difficult puzzle and waste time.

Instead, flip flop back and forth to difficult areas. Retrace your steps around the room for missed clues.

Sometimes gathering other information enables the members to decipher an unsolvable puzzle.

5. Check the Clock

Beating the clock is crucial in an escape room. The ticking away of time adds pressure to the team. So it’s a good idea to choose a timekeeper.

Assigning someone the task of time checks reduces the stress of wondering how much time is left.

6. Work Together

While it’s great to assign duties to your teammates, remember to come together for meetings. Sure, you don’t have a full workday to figure it all out. But communicating progress and new information to your mates moves you closer to leaving the room.

7. Relax, It’s Only a Game

Focusing on having fun increases your chances of winning the game. When people go with the flow and live in the moment, it reduces stress.

Laugh at your goofs. Don’t get upset if it takes longer to solve a puzzle. Remember, outside help is there if needed.

Celebrate the Experience

Whether your team beats the escape room in Dublin or not, you still had a memorable time. Who could forget solving clues on a boat?

If you’re ready to solve a mystery, then contact us today.