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Escape Rooms?

If you’ve just come across escape rooms you may be a bit confused as to what they actually are. They are a new and very popular immersive role playing game usually played by teams of up to 10 players. Players are assigned a number of tasks and have to work together to solve these and ultimately escape – and hopefully together!

How do Escape Rooms help with Teambuilding?

Escape Rooms place a team in a very unusual situation with a number of set problems and issues that have to be solved together to achieve the ultimate goal of the game. Players have to use a wide variety of skills in order to solve the problems and good escape games are set to test every skill set. Lateral and logical thinking are essential skills but communication is hugely important. Teams that don’t work well together usually fail together and playing together in close contact for 60 minutes can help highlight shortcomings within a team as well as the positives. Players of escape games talk about the huge excitement that comes with solving concrete problems together and the sense of bonding that it can bring both in the game and in the long discussions afterwards, as players digest the multitude of things that went on in the room.

What do players learn?

The game is timed – 60 minutes to escape. During those 60 minutes, they have to come up with ideas and solutions to what they encounter on board. Players need to communicate effectively and problem solve together efficiently to work out the problems they face. Playing the game can highlight underlying issues within the team and motivate members to work on their weaknesses. Team Leaders who do not listen to their team members will quickly discover that they cannot accomplish the game on their own. Players get a huge sense of achievement working together and gaining concrete results.

What happens in Escape Boats?

On board Escape Boats we have two games SOS and CONVICTS. In SOS players are locked in the engine room of the crippled ship, the Zorg Ella. They have to try and restore power to the boat and escape. The ship has been deserted and they need to work their way through the locked compartments of the ship and they encounter a number of difficult and challenging problems they must overcome in order to get out. This game is perfect for smaller teams of 2 to 6 players.

CONVICTS is for larger groups of up to 10 players. Teams are split into two and placed in the Convicts holding cells. They are due to be transported to Australia and have 60 minutes to escape before the Captain returns and sets sail. Both teams compete against each other and the first team out wins the game. Its a great game if you want to test the competitive spirit of your team and to try different members working with each other.

If you want to read reviews of past players experiences you can read them on TripAdvisor, Facebook and Google – just click the links.

If you want to book a group or if you have any further questions about our games or Escape Rooms in general, send Marta an email at info@escapeboats.ie


A Brief History of Escape Rooms

When did they start?

The first escape games originally appeared 2007 in Japan spreading slowly through Asia. They appeared in Singapore in 2011 and the USA in 2012. Hungary was the first European country to open escape games and did so in 2011. Budapest now has one of the largest concentrations of Escape Rooms in Europe with more than 80 operators currently open. The phenomenon has spread worldwide now with over 8000 rooms across the globe.

When did they arrive in Ireland?

The first game came to Dublin in 2015 when XIT opened it’s doors followed by Escape Dublin and Adventure Rooms. Escape Boats followed in 2017 opening the world’s first escape room on a boat and since then we have had several new companies opening up offering a wide range of rooms across the country.

Where did Escape Rooms originate from?

There are a wide variety of sources that inspired the games. LARP (Live Action Role Playing) was a big influence in the creation of Escape Rooms. TV shows such as The Crystal Maze in the UK and Fort Boyard in France were hugely successful in the 90s (and now again) and instilled a public awareness of the genre. Haunted Houses, Scavenger Hunts and Treasure Hunts also had a big influence on Escape Rooms and their designs.

Who plays Escape Games?


Everyone. There is no age limit for most games and people from all walks of life play Escape Rooms. Barack and Michelle Obama, Ariana Grande and Tim Cook are just a few of the documented enthusiasts of Escape Rooms. And Escape Boats has had big celebrities on board but we’re not revealing who…..

What are the best rooms in the world?

Many people say Escape Boats but recently the first attempt at rating the worlds best rooms was made by a large group of enthusiasts and experts of Escape Rooms. You can check out the results here – it’s a great guide to some of the best games around the world and will be evolving over time.


Worlds Best Escape Rooms

So, perhaps like us, you discovered Escape Rooms recently (well we discovered them in 2016…..). You may have played Escape Boats and loved it. You may, like us, love hugely immersive, high quality escape games. But where can you find them? Not all escape rooms are the same quality, not all games have the same type of puzzles. There is a huge variety and styles of games out there. When we started out on our project, we wanted to build the best escape room in Dublin. We visited rooms in Dublin and then many in the UK and Europe to see what there was out there. Some were disappointing but some were amazing. So we thought we’d share this list with you so you can add some of them to your bucket list:

  1. TIME RUN LONDON: We played this hugely immersive game which as soon as you reach the door, reeks of quality. An amazing portal to enter, followed by amazing actors, a robot, 3 beautifully crafted rooms in different time dimensions, a Nazi Architect’s office, an Egytian tomb and a space ship. Puzzles are excellent and diverse and the game is seamless. But it has since closed and they have just opened their latest project Sherlock – The Game is Now. https://www.thegameisnow.com/ which brings the escape room phenomenon into new territory. Expensive but worth every penny . 5 stars *****
  2. SHERLOCKED – THE VAULT – AMSTERDAM: This was one of the most beautiful venues we have played in. Based in a genuine bank, the building is stunning architecturally and the game is bang on theme as it is played in the original bank vault. Original puzzles and immersion from the get go, with excellent actors, this is the only game we have not escaped from (although we had drunk quite a bit of wine beforehand which didn’t help – not recommended!). If you are in Amsterdam it’s a must. 5 stars ******  https://sherlocked.nl/
  3. CUTTHROAT CAVERN – 13th GATE ESCAPE ROOMS – BATON ROUGE, LOUISIANA, USA: While we haven’t actually played this game, the reviews and feedback from it have been so phenomenal that we are thinking of a trip to the USA soon (maybe after the 2020 elections….). The game has a full size replica pirate ship for gods sake – a full size pirate ship built in an enormous actual cavern. It scored 7 stars on the main review site for escape rooms in the USA. And they only mark out of 5. 7 STARS ******** https://www.13thgateescape.com/index.html
  4. THE LOST TREASURE OF ALEXANDER HUMBOLDT – THE ROOM – BERLIN:The attention to detail in this is second to none. The craftsmanship with every element is superb and the storyline and flow are amazing. A must if you are in Berlin. 5 STARS ***** https://www.the-room-berlin.com/en/the-room
  5. ESCAPE BOATS – SOS – DUBLIN: While we like to be modest, fans of escape games have insisted that this is one of the best rooms ever. It’s completely unique setting, and use of immersive props and one of the most unique endings ever, make this one of the worlds most unforgettable escape rooms. 5 STARS ***** https://escapeboats.ie/
  6. On board the Escape room dublin 

    We’ll keep adding to this list over the next few months. Next week we’ll post a guide to the best escape rooms in Ireland which of course includes the legendary Escape Boats – the best Escape Room in Ireland. Allegedly.Thanks for reading and keep escaping!


Things to do in Dublin

6 Things to do in Dublin – other than escape rooms!

While we think there is no better way to spend your time than playing an escape room in Dublin, we figured you might be interested in some other attractions in Dublin. So we’ve done up a little guide for you of the 6 top things to do in Dublin, other than escape rooms! If you only have one day this is the perfect guide for you – after you have played the Escape Boat of course…..

1. Feel the History in Kilmainham Gaol

Forever associated with the 1916 executions of the leaders of the Easter Rising, Kilmainham Gaol is a mine of Irish history. One of the largest unoccupied jails in Europe, it is brimming with history and although the history is brutal the guided tours are fantastic. It’s an absolute must for any visitor to Dublin. http://kilmainhamgaolmuseum.ie/

2. Take the Dart and see the rest of Dublin

Dublin’s coastline is spectacular, even on a bad day, and the Dart follows the coast from it’s Northern peninsula to as far south as Greystones in County Wicklow. 31 stops with an unending list of things to do and sights to see. Malahide Castle, Killiney Bay, Dun Laoghaire harbour – there’s endless spots to stop and enjoy. Tickets are affordable and family day tickets are very reasonable – check irishrail.ie for prices

3. The Bog Bodies at the National Museum

Dublin’s National Museum is filled with unbelievable artifacts documenting the country’s long history, not least of which is the bog bodies. Dating from 2000 BC the bodies were perfectly preserved in the bogs in Ireland. Their skin is perfectly preserved and slightly more eerie is the fact that hair, eyelashes, nails and even the marks of their gruesome death are still visible. Entry is free and the museum is open from Tuesday through Sunday.https://www.museum.ie/Archaeology

4. Have a drink in the Hacienda

This little known treasure is located off Capel Street and has the best atmosphere you are likely to find anywhere. Shay, the eccentric owner, is a lover of celebrity and television and the walls are covered with the celebrities who have been brought in for a quiet pint here. You have to buzz to get in, and it’s a little of the beaten path but if you are looking for something different, you won’t be disappointed.  Hacienda Bar

5. Visit the Mummies at St. Michan’s Church

This gruesome attraction is another little know Dublin attraction that deserves a visit. The crypts here are open to visits with tour guides who make the experience highly entertaining. The church dates from 1095 and oozes history. Below the church are five long burial vaults containing the mummified remains of many of Dublin’s most influential families from 1600 to 1800. In the vaults, guests can view the death mask of Wolfe Tone and the coffins of the 1798 rebels John and Henry Sheares.

6. Visit the home of Guinness

It’s an absolute must if you come to Dublin. Not visiting the home of Guinness is like not seeing the Eiffel Tower in Paris, or ignoring Buckingham Palace in London. Even if you don’t go into the Storehouse, it’s worth walking around the brewery and soaking up the atmosphere and smell of a brew that has been such a pivotal part of the city’s history. If you do go to the Storehouse, make sure to book ahead and skip the queue on their website https://www.guinness-storehouse.com/ You can try your hand at pulling a pint of plain inside and have a drink in the Gravity Bar with spectacular views over the whole city.



Escape Boats has featured in a wide range of publications since we launched last year. We’ve listed the publications below if you’re interested in a read. If you are from a publication and want to do a feature on Escape Boats, Dublin Escape Rooms, Ireland Escape Rooms or anything to do with Escape Rooms in general, contact us on info@escapeboats.ie and we’d be more than happy to help.


Irish Times (subscription needed to follow link) “Its a brilliant cruise through your ingenuity and agility”

Irish Independent “certainly a great alternative to the routine post-work drinks”

The Times (UK)

Lovin Dublin

2FM Dave Fanning

98FM Breakfast Show “Incredible – amazing experience”





Although it took longer than expected (and what new escape room doesn’t!), our Convicts game finally opened officially in August. This added another Escape Room in Dublin to the growing and very welcome list. We were anxious as our first room had been such a success. It had been rated by many as the best Escape Room in Dublin and by some as the best Escape Room ever (thanks guys!). So now after a few months and many tweaks, the room is playing and flowing well. And nearly everyone happy with the result. The game is different in one big aspect. We split teams into two and they compete to finish first. We’ve had loads of teams play so here’s a few of the online reviews from them. Thanks to everyone who has taken time to review us – we really appreciate each and every review.




If you have any ideas about what you would like to see in the next Escape Boats room, please let us know. We’re always looking for feedback and ideas so don’t be afraid to send them in, no matter how zany or crazy they might be. We also love your feedback so if you’ve played our games and have the time please review us on one of the main review portals: TripAdvisor, Facebook or Google (or any other review site!)

Or if you haven’t played it yet then what are you doing? Go and book now here



Convicts is finally here! Our long awaited second game, opens on August 1st.

After a couple of months tweaking, testing and pulling hairs, Convicts is at last ready for you to play. We’re very happy with the result – huge thanks to all our staff and fans for all their help and patience with this. Thanks to all our testers and players and everyone who played a part in delivering the latest adventure on board the Zorg Ella.

A big thanks to Michelle McCamley who produced this fantastic short film for the new game – it will give you a little taste of what to expect in Dublin’s best Escape Room experience.

The game is for a minimum of 4 players and a maximum of 10. You and your team are convicts, sentenced to be transported to Australia. The Captain’s crew lock you in your cells and you and your team only have 60 minutes before the Captain returns and commences the voyage from which you will never return. Can you and your team escape before it is too late? Book here now




It’s been a long wait but our new room is nearly ready for you. You and your team can soon enjoy the next exciting episode from the Escape Boats team – Convicts. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for an update.


We’ve been open for 4 months now and our players response has been phenomenal. So many have told us how much they have enjoyed the boat experience and how they cannot wait for a new game to come. We’re still working on it and hope to be open before Christmas. But we’d like to take the time to thank all of you who have taken the time to review the game on TripAdvisor, Facebook and Google and we are amazed and chuffed at what you have told us there.

So far you’ve given us 100% approval on all escape room review sites – 86 five star reviews on Facebook, 37 five star reviews on Google and 58 five star reviews on TripAdvisor. That’s it – we’re amazed that so far every single review we have received has been nothing less than five star! We are so grateful and happy that you all love the Escape Boat so keep those reviews coming – we love hearing how much you enjoy it. We built this experience for your enjoyment and its amazing to hear back from you all about what you enjoyed. And make sure to spread the word. Here’s a few samples of some of the reviews from players:

Bryan Del Rizzo reviewed Escape Boats – 5 stars Facebook
We escaped while on vacation in Dublin and can’t say enough good things about Escape Boats! This is one of the most creatively themed rooms we’ve ever done. It’s on a boat, people, a real boat! The integration of the game within the confines of the actual boat is staggeringly well conceived. It’s really, really well done! Puzzles are fun, interesting and a good mixture of classic and tech. The ending scenario (which I won’t spoil) was frigging brilliant. I’ve done more than thirty rooms around the world, and Escape Boats definitely ranks as one of my all time faves. It’s really an awesome room. It’s so good, I’m not sure we want to even try another room in Dublin as I’m sure they won’t come close to delivering such a fun, immersive experience as Escape Boats did. Well done guys,you’ve built a truly memorable escape experience! Highly, highly recommended!
Reviewed by Bowden C 5 stars TripAdvisor
I met up with friends visiting Dublin, and they suggested the Escape Boats. They go to escape rooms whenever they can as a kind of a hobby, and I’d always wanted to try one. It was a complete blast. The puzzles were challenging, the narrative was intense, and the construction is brilliant. The guy running it was great. We were could not stop talking about it afterwards. The friends said it was too bad this was my first, since it’s the best one they’ve ever been to.
Daragh Murphy 5 stars Google reviews
As a seasoned escape room hobbyist, this was one of the most immersive and deeply impressive games I’ve ever done. Honestly I would recommend it to everyone I know. I initially thought it was just a quirk that it was a regular escape room, but on a boat. However I was pleasantly astounded that they take the nautical theme and jack it up levels way above anything I could have anticipated, submerging you in the thrill of the game from bow to stern. Nice balance of physical, mental and technical challenges. Top marks.

Keep those reviews coming – we love every single one. And keep spreading the word. And we’ll keep building rooms!




So finally after nearly 250 teams and over 1000 new players we are ready to fit our the second instalment of the Escape Boats games. The team have been designing, sawing, installing and tweaking for the last few weeks and we’re hopeful that Dublin will have it’s newest Escape Game before Christmas. We’ve had a phenomenal response from all of our players and the demand for a new room has been intense – we are hugely looking forward to seeing if players enjoy this as much as our first game SOS.

There will be surprises and shananigans aplenty on board so keep an eye on the website and the facebook page for opening news.

In the meantime if enthusiasts are looking for other games to quench their Escape Room thirst, we’ve drawn up a list of the other Escape Rooms in the City that you might be interested in trying out while you wait for our new room to open:

AdventureRooms   We’ve played nearly all of their games and can highly recommend them for fans of puzzles. Great staff and several games available.

Incognito Escape Room We’ve played both of the games here and loved them. Great setup and staff are brilliant.

5 Quests A new company with 2 games Pharaohs Tomb and Jungle Quest. We haven’t tried them yet but they are getting good reviews

GoQuest Indoor Challenge Zone. They have a number of challenges and it differs to an escape room as it’s more of a group of individual challenges than the escape room format.

Some others that we haven’t tried yet that are available – Escape DublinBolt Escape GamesThe Clockwork DoorXIT, and Escape VR

If you hear of any new games or if you want to invite us to try out your game feel free to email us on info@escapeboats.ie



Escape Boats has been open nearly two months now and it’s been amazing the reception our first room SOS has been given. We’ve had several visits from the press. The Irish Times said that Escape Boats was ‘a brilliant cruise through your ingenuity and agility’. We also had reviews from Lovin DublinThe Times, The Irish Independent and Womans Way amongst others. We done radio reviews and TV appearances. Teams from all over the world have tried out the boat and the response has been amazing. We’d like to thank everyone who has played the game and send a huge thanks to all of those who have taken the time to leave reviews. So many of you have said that it is the best Escape Room in Dublin and so many more of you saying that it is the best Escape Room you have ever done. We put a lot of work into this game and it’s great to hear back from you about how much you enjoyed it. Keep those reviews coming and spread the word. There have been so many great reviews but here’s a selection of some of the most recent reviews and feedback from players.


Without giving too much away, this is for the serious room escaper. It’s thrilling, it’s hilarious, and it’s by far the best escape the room I’ve been to! Visited with a group from work and the five of us agreed it was brilliant! I’d say more than that number would be overkill and some people would be sitting on the sidelines. Be prepared for anything, it is really surprising! Lorisgirl -Tripadvisor 30th August 2017

We escaped while on vacation in Dublin and can’t say enough good things about Escape Boats! This is one of the most creatively themed rooms we’ve ever done. It’s on a boat, people, a real boat! The integration of the game within the confines of the actual boat is staggeringly well conceived. It’s really, really well done! Puzzles are fun, interesting and a good mixture of classic and tech. The ending scenario (which I won’t spoil) was frigging brilliant. I’ve done more than thirty rooms around the world, and Escape Boats definitely ranks as one of my all time faves. It’s really an awesome room. It’s so good, I’m not sure we want to even try another room in Dublin as I’m sure they won’t come close to delivering such a fun, immersive experience as Escape Boats did. Well done guys,you’ve built a truly memorable escape experience! Highly, highly recommended! Brian Del Rizzo-Facebook Review 30th August 2017

An incredible escape room!!! We went as a group of 4 – 2 experienced escapees and 2 beginners. This was without a doubt the best escape room I personally have attended (out of 8 rooms) and is great for experienced or new players into the escape room world. Fantastic value for money and I will definitely visit Dublin again to come and take on…YoursSinclairly 23 August 2017


Just a sample of the reviews so far but have a look if you want to see more reasons why you should visit. Check out our Tripadvisor listing here (32 five star reviews and counting), Facebook reviews here (52 five star reviews and counting), Google reviews here (19 five star reviews and counting).

So if you’re reading this and you haven’t tried the game, book it now right here and join hundreds of other delighted escapees in what is being called the ‘best escape room ever’

Escape room players

Escaped the boat



Escape Boats created huge excitement in the press and the world of escape room enthusiasts before we were even open. As the worlds first purpose built escape room on a boat, we were quite an unusual venture. A huge amount of work had to be done before we opened our new Escape Room in Dublin city centre. One of the biggest difficulties was finding the boat and getting it from the middle of Holland over to Dublin. We had to sail the boat to the coast of Holland and load the boat onto a truck to make the trip over to Dublin Port. Then came the nervy moment when she was launched into the Liffey by crane. Thankfully all went well and TheJournal.ie were there to report on it. They made a wee video as well and you can read it all here:




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