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7 Skills Needed to Beat an Escape Room in Dublin

  7 Skills Needed to Beat an Escape Room in Dublin If you're interested in lush landscapes, architectural treasures, and a booming nightlife, then come to Dublin, Ireland. Dublin offers plenty of restaurants, pubs, and entertainment for both locals and tourists....

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5 Reasons To Have an Escape Room Party in Dublin

Escape rooms are the best craic around! If you're looking for a quirky activity for a party with your friends, look no further than an escape room party. There are endless reasons why you should join the escape room sensation yourself. Let's check out a few of them!...

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What to Expect from Your First Escape Room Experience

Bored? How about going to an escape room with your friends? Essentially, it’s a team-based game where you try to solve various puzzles with other players before time runs out. The goal? To escape! It might seem a little bizarre at first, but it's actually quite fun....

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Top 5 Reasons to Do an Escape Room Birthday Party

Did you know that the UK and Ireland have well over 1,000 escape rooms?  The popular game tests people's physical and mental abilities as they work together to figure out how to get out of a room in which they are locked in. Making it the perfect birthday party...

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50 First Dates: 5 Unique First Date Ideas

  50 First Dates: 5 Unique First Date Ideas Whoever invented the standard dinner and movie first date routine must hate love. Why is this tired idea crushing your chances at finding love? There are plenty of reasons why you should avoid falling for this trap. You...

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