5 of the Best Group Challenges and Team Building Games

5 of the Best Group Challenges and Team Building Games

Did you know that team building activities can boost productivity, reduce stress, and improve the quality of everyone’s work?

The benefits of engaging in some team fun are limitless, but it can be challenging figuring out games everyone will be excited to do.

Do you need some inspiration to plan your next team building activity? Keep reading to learn about 5 fun group challenges that will make your workplace culture healthier and more focused on fostering teamwork skills.

1. Escape Room

One of the best group puzzle games is an escape room. Since this activity is done off-site, you can all carpool together and have extra time to get to know each other. Once you’re ready to start, you’ll all have to put your skills to the test and see if you’re clever enough to escape the room before time runs out.

2. Two Truths and a Lie

If you’re unfamiliar with this popular game, the rules are simple. Each player has to come up with two interesting facts about themselves and a believable lie. The rest of the group will have a blast trying to guess the lie while learning more about the speaker.

3. Relay Races

Relay races are fun employee activities because they’re goofy and great for boosting communication and teamwork skills. Although there are tons of amazing relay races to choose from, one of the easiest ones you can do is a blindfolded egg race. Half of the people in each group will be blindfolded and rely on the rest of their team to guide them to their next person in line while balancing an egg on a spoon.

4. Birthday Line Up

One of the best games to play at work is the silent birthday line up. If you put a bunch of people into one room and ask them to learn each other’s birthdays, they’d think it sounds like an easy task. Since not being able to speak makes this task much harder, your team will have to get creative to figure out their correct position in line.

5. Group Scavenger Hunt

Lots of people have gone on scavenger hunts as a kid, so this nostalgic activity can get everyone motivated to put in all of their effort to win. As the leader, you’ll be in charge of creating a list of silly activities each group has to do together in order to win. Whichever team completes every activity on the list first will win and perhaps they can even be rewarded with a nice prize like gift cards to a coffee shop.

Your Team Will Love These Group Challenges

Now that you know about 5 of the best group challenges you can do to increase team building, you can have a blast and reap lasting benefits in the workplace.

Are you ready to try doing an escape room Dublin style? If so, Escape Boats would love to help you have a blast with your coworkers, friends, family, and more. Book your appointment now so you can prepare for the adventure of a lifetime.

4 of the Most Unique Escape Room Themes in the World

4 of the Most Unique Escape Room Themes in the World


4 of the Most Unique Escape Room Themes in the World

Escape rooms are one of the most unique group adventures you can undertake. You and some friends and maybe some strangers get locked in a room. To escape, you have to solve all the puzzles, decipher all the clues, and get to the bottom of the story the room presents.

Each escape room has a theme and storyline to go along with the theme. Your group is dropped into the middle of the story and all the props, clues, and puzzles in the room go along with the theme and the story.

While there are some common escape room themes — trapped with a monster, stuck in a laboratory, a viral outbreak — a few escape rooms have come up with themes so unique they’re truly a one of a kind experience.

Here are the most unique escape room themes from around the world.

The Basement, Los Angeles California

Not all escape rooms are scary. Some of them are family-friendly fun. But others, like The Basement in LA, are 100% mature content.

Horror based escape rooms are not for the faint of heart or stomach, and The Basement is no exception. In this terrifying trial, your group is trapped in a basement with a cannibalistic serial killer. If you don’t escape within 45 minutes, you’ll be on the dinner table.

Sherlock: The Game Is Now, London England

When it comes to solving mysteries, there are no better partners than Sherlock and Watson. If you’ve ever wanted to work with this dynamic duo, your dreams can come true at The Game is Now escape room in London.

Your group chooses which mystery you want to solve, all based around the universe of BBC’s Sherlock. In fact, the cast of the show pops up to give you clues throughout the adventure.

For fans of the world’s greatest detective, there’s no better escape room in the world.

Escape Boats, Dublin Ireland

Most escape rooms are built within a regular retail building. The rooms are immersive, for sure, but not nearly as immersive as Escape Boats in Dublin. This escape “room” is actually on a real boat!

Your group must navigate through the entire boat to gather the clues and solve the puzzles necessary to complete the story. This one of a kind escape venue offers two scenarios — one where you’re a prisoner trying to escape a convict ship and one where you need to escape the mysteriously abandoned ship.

In either scenario, you’ll be challenged and blown away by the experience.

Avalanche of Oblivion, Escaldes-Engordany, Andorra

Most escape rooms incorporate some element of survival, but very few actually test your survival skills. In the Avalanche of Oblivion escape room, your group has been caught in an avalanche in the mountains. If you can’t gather everything you need and complete the tasks necessary to survive, you’ll never leave the mountain.

This interesting twist on an escape room tests your practical abilities as much as your ability to solve puzzles and decipher clues.

Escape Room Themes That Keep You Guessing

Escape rooms are a great way to enjoy an adventure with friends. These escape room themes will keep you guessing from the moment you enter the scene until you manage to escape — if you do!

Ready to experience the Escape Boat? Book a time today!

Why An Escape Room for 2 People Is a Good Idea for a Date

Why An Escape Room for 2 People Is a Good Idea for a Date

The most popular spot to take a new love interest on a first date is a coffee shop like Starbucks. But while this everyday locale is a good place to start to learn a bit about each other, it certainly isn’t ideal for the second, third, or future dates.

If you want to keep growing as a couple and enjoy a bit of fun, it’s always a good idea to look for creative date night ideas that will help keep things fresh.

An escape room for 2 people is one such idea. Keep reading to learn why it might be the perfect choice for your next date night.

Lighten the Mood and Spark Conversation

First dates are always a bit awkward. But later dates can be as well. While you know a bit about each other, it might not yet be enough to keep conversations going. This lull can make it hard to learn about each other and can make endless dinner dates very uncomfortable.

That’s where an exciting date like an escape room in Dublin comes in handy.

With new adventures, excitement, and challenges, you’ll quickly get talking and see each other in a new light.

Of course, one important thing to remember is to not take the game too seriously. The last thing you want to do is wind up scaring off your date with your over-the-top competitiveness!

Get to Know Each Other in New Ways

Online dating has made it easier than ever to meet new people who might share your interests. Unfortunately, studies show that 81 per cent of online daters lie on some part of their profile.

Some of these lies are pretty minor, like fudging your age by a year or two or expressing interest in something that you’re really more impartial to, simply to impress a potential date. Other lies are more serious and could be a major deal-breaker in a new relationship.

Sorting out the fact from the fiction through dinner or coffee dates alone can be a challenge. The other person can take their time answering questions or guide the conversation in the direction they want.

But when you’re in the middle of a heart-pounding escape game, there’s little time to think about what you’re going to say. This makes going to an escape room on a date a wonderful way to learn how the other person acts under pressure, and perhaps discover parts of their personality you might otherwise have not seen.

Make Lasting Memories

One of the biggest benefits of planning an escape room date night is the chance to make a new and lasting memory.

On future dates, you’ll already have something to look back on and talk about, which is certain to instantly bring you closer. You’ll look back on your escape room in Dublin date night for years to come!

An Escape Room for 2 People: Planning the Perfect Date

An escape room for 2 people is a wonderful way to get the conversation flowing, connect with your partner, learn a little about one another, and create some lasting memories.

To ensure that your date is a success, you’ll want to be picky about which escape room you choose. One that gives you the option for a private room is a must, as sharing the room with several other people will mean less time for the two of you to bond.

If you’ve never had a chance to try an escape room before, another must is learning what to expect. Click here to read about what you can expect from your escape room game in Dublin.

The Escape Game: A Quick History of Escape Rooms in Dublin

The Escape Game: A Quick History of Escape Rooms in Dublin

Since the beginning of time, humans have loved solving puzzles. From navigating their way through complicated labyrinths to trading riddles around the fire, we’ve always had a desire to overcome challenges with brainpower.

One of the most recent trends in puzzles is the escape game. If you haven’t participated in one yet, you probably know someone who has. They’re popular for corporate events, birthday parties, and as a challenge for puzzle enthusiasts around the world.

But where did this brilliant idea come from, anyway?

Read on to learn more about where the escape room craze came from and how it made its way to Dublin.

The Crimson Room

The history of the room escape game doesn’t begin in Dublin. It doesn’t begin in Europe, Asia, or America, either—it all started on the internet.

Back in 2004, Toshimitsu Takagi released a small point-and-click style .html game that followed in the footsteps of popular puzzlers like Myst and MOTAS.

But instead of giving you a whole world to discover, he kept his RPG simple: after a night of drinking, you wake up in a crimson room with no idea how you got there. The door is locked, and you have to search your surroundings to figure out some way to escape.

The Escape Game Becomes Reality

The Crimson Room started an internet gaming craze that still lasts to this day. One of the people entranced by them was a girl in Japan who sat next to Takao Kato, an event planner and the man credited with opening the first real-life escape game.

He explained that he was trying to come up with a new and entertaining kind of event, and she mentioned how much fun she had with online escape rooms. Kato thought people would enjoy participating in a live puzzle event similar to the beloved internet games, and he was right. At his first escape room event in July of 2007, he sold out of all 150 tickets.

The event was a hit despite only six people completing the challenges successfully, and Kato then founded Real Escape Game in Kyoto, Japan. People loved the challenge of escaping the room, and the concept soon spread around the world.

Escape the Room Games Come to Europe

Escape games quickly transitioned from temporary events to permanent businesses, with thousands of companies operating around the world today. In Europe, Budapest was the first hotbed of the escape adventure, with well over 100 rooms. They then spread to Romania, Switzerland, and finally, Ireland itself.

As recently as 2017, Escape Boats was one of only three escape games in Dublin. Today, we’re one of ten operators in this city alone. People in Ireland (and around the world) clearly can’t get enough of the challenge!

Escaping Dublin

The escape game phenomenon is here to stay, and now it’s moved beyond its traditional location in a building. If you’re ready to try your hand at a live-action escape adventure in Dublin but are looking for something a little more exciting, why not try escaping from a real barge?

Can you restore power to the deserted Zorg Ella or escape your cell before you’re shipped off to Australia with the other convicts on your team? If you’re ready for the challenge, book your Escape Boats adventure on Dublin’s Grand Canal Docks today!

A Boost in Morale: 5 Reasons to Book an Escape Room for Your Next Office Party

A Boost in Morale: 5 Reasons to Book an Escape Room for Your Next Office Party


Book an Escape Room: 5 Reasons it’s One of the Best Office Party Ideas

The typical office party is always the same. The venue might change, the theme will be different but at the end of the day, it’s a group of colleagues in little groups wondering why they’ve bothered.

Office party ideas that your staff can get excited about are hard to come by. Enter the escape room. If you want to give your staff a fun and different party where they can embrace a challenge and all work together, escape rooms are a winner.

Read on to discover why booking an escape room will change your office party from boring to brilliant!

1. Everyone Can Contribute

There are always members of the team that are louder than everyone else. They excel in putting themselves forward and are comfortable speaking up. But you’ll probably have staff members who are great problem-solvers, even if they’re quiet or introverted.

In the escape room environment here in Dublin, the puzzles will appeal to all personalities. Every team member will bring their own unique way of thinking to help solve the puzzle and it can be a lot easier to find your voice when you’ve realised how to get out.

2. Colleague Bonding

At traditional office parties, it’s common for existing friends to group together and not put in the effort to speak to other colleagues. Of course, it’s nice to chat with your favourite colleagues but new work relationships can have positive effects on output and office politics.

When a group enters the escape room, everybody shares one common goal; to escape! This breaks the ice between unfamiliar colleagues and gets everybody working together in a fun environment as if they’ve known each other for years.

3. Satisfaction

We all know the simple satisfaction of getting a pub quiz question right or even winning as a team. With escape rooms, there’s a set of puzzles to solve and each solution gives everyone a joint sense of excited satisfaction.

If the team manages to beat the clock and escape in time, they get to share this exhilarating satisfaction with each other and immediately sense they’ve achieved something together.

Escape rooms can be solved when everyone works as a team and this mutual achievement is fantastic for nurturing teamwork skills.

4. Friendly Competition

Our Dublin escape rooms hold 2-10 people so office parties will often have multiple teams. This means that not only are each team competing against the clock to escape, but they can compete against the other teams too.

Who will escape in the quickest time?

5. Breaks Tradition

Offices parties often involve eating and drinking which is a lot like what we get up to in our free time too. Escape rooms offer a different form of entertainment — one that’s exciting, requires creative thinking and working together for success.

This break in tradition appeals to everyone up for a challenge and no one leaves the escape rooms without a huge smile on their face!

Need Office Party Ideas? Book an Escape Room!

To give your staff the gift of fun, challenge, and satisfaction, booking an escape room is one of the best office party ideas. Our escape rooms are uniquely set on a boat too, adding a hilarious new dimension.

Get in touch to chat about your office party needs and how you can get your staff scratching their heads and solving puzzles.

Frightful Friday Night Fun: Daring Dublin Date Ideas to Try This October

Frightful Friday Night Fun: Daring Dublin Date Ideas to Try This October


Frightful Friday Night Fun: Daring Dublin Date Ideas to Try This October

Looking for fun & frightful friday night Dublin date ideas to try this October? Look no further because we’ve got your list of fall’s must-do events!

Dublin has been a popular tourist destination for decades. In fact, nearly 6 million foreigners visited the city in 2017. Despite that, many locals may not know about the many exciting activities that are available in their own famous city.

Fear not, fellow reader. Because for this October, we have some very fun and frightful Dublin date ideas that are sure to make your Friday night more memorable. Continue reading to learn more.

Halloween Roller Disco

Let’s take it back to the 70s with this spooky roller disco. The city’s only roller disco rink, The Rink at D12 is located on Long Mile Road.

The main event is happening between 8 and 10 pm on October 31st. It only costs €10 per person and that’s including skate hire! The event is open for kids, families, and adults so everyone can come out and enjoy it.

Disco Bloodbath

Continuing the disco theme, this party is hosted by the LGBTQ friendly party planners known simply as Mother. This year’s party will take place in an 18th-century crypt called Wolf Tone Square and is sure to be super spooky. The theme is “less is more, blood and gore,” so take that as you will.

There “re-activated actors” and “undead drag queens” to keep the fun going all night. Happening the night of October 28th, the event goes from 11 pm to 3 am.

But tickets are limited so get them while there’s still some left.

Escape Room

There’s a lot of reasons to check out an escape room in Dublin. And though they’re spooky any time of year, they’re especially eery in October.

Escape rooms typically involve a group of friends trying to solve various puzzles before a timer runs out. They’re fast-paced and tons of fun. It’s great if you want to double date.

Tall Tales

Tall Tales is a haunted mansion Halloween music festival. Brought to you by the world-famous Hunt and Gather Creations party planners. Set in Loughcrew Gardens & Estate Oldcastle, this awesome party lasts from 11 pm to 5 am on October 29th.

There are 3 stages and costs only €55. A bus ticket isn’t included. The event is also BYOB and BYOC (bring your own reusable cup).

And be aware that no glass bottles or cups are allowed.

Finding the Best Dublin Date Ideas for Your October

There are a plethora of spooky and enjoyable Dublin date ideas for both the adventurous and conservative couples out there. Just watch out as many of these fun date ideas only happen for one day and have a limited number of tickets.

Luckily, you don’t have to search too hard to find the perfect date idea for you. And always remember to dress up! The more involved you get, the more fun it’ll all be!

Are you interested in learning more about escape rooms in Dublins or just fun things to do in general? Contact us today and take part in one of our exhilarating escape boats!