Escape Rooms?

If you’ve just come across escape rooms you may be a bit confused as to what they actually are. They are a new and very popular immersive role playing game for teams of up to 10 players. Players have a number of tasks and have to work together to solve these and ultimately escape – and hopefully together! Perfect for team building!

How do Escape Rooms help with Team building?

Escape Rooms place a team in a very unusual situation. They have a number of set problems and issues must to be solved together to achieve the ultimate goal of the game. Players have to use a wide variety of skills in order to solve the problems and good escape games are set to test every skill set. Lateral and logical thinking are essential skills but communication is hugely important. Teams that don’t work well together usually fail together.

Playing together in close contact for 60 minutes can help highlight shortcomings within a team as well as the positives. Players of escape games talk about the huge excitement that comes with solving concrete problems together. There is also the sense of bonding that it can bring both in the game and in the long discussions afterwards, as players digest the multitude of things that went on in the room. All of this feeds into team building and strengthening bonds between players.

What do players learn?

The game has a time limit – 60 minutes to escape. During those 60 minutes, they have to come up with ideas and solutions to what they encounter on board. Players need to communicate effectively and problem solve together efficiently to work out the problems they face. Playing the game can highlight underlying issues within the team and motivate members to work on their weaknesses. Team Leaders who do not listen to their team members will quickly discover that they cannot accomplish the game on their own. Players get a huge sense of achievement working together and gaining concrete results, again great for team building

What happens in Escape Boats?

On board Escape Boats we have two games SOS and CONVICTS. In SOS players get locked in the engine room of the crippled ship, the Zorg Ella. They have to try and restore power to the boat and escape. The ship is deserted and they need to work their way through the locked compartments of the ship. They encounter a number of difficult and challenging problems they must overcome in order to get out. This game is perfect for smaller teams of 2 to 6 players.

CONVICTS is for larger groups of up to 10 players. Teams split into two and placed in the Convicts holding cells. They are to be transported to Australia and have 60 minutes to escape before the Captain returns and sets sail. Both teams compete against each other and the first team out wins the game. Its a great game if you want to test the competitive spirit of your team and to try different members working with each other.

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