Escape rooms are the best craic around!

If you’re looking for a quirky activity for a party with your friends, look no further than an escape room party.

There are endless reasons why you should join the escape room sensation yourself. Let’s check out a few of them!

1. It’s a Bonding Experience 

Sure, you can go for dinner together or go to the cinema. But, that’s not exactly going to enhance the bond between you and your pals.

Getting through challenges brings you closer together.

Unlike other party activities where your little cousin has been left out or Dad can’t get involved, you can include everyone in the escape room. 

You won’t be able to solve the escape room puzzles on your own. Working together to achieve a shared goal will get you all through the other side.

2. Get Fit and Healthy Together

Around one in three Irish never exercise. It’s not always easy to drag yourself to the gym or go for a run by yourself.

And yet, when you’re at an escape room it doesn’t even feel like exercise. You’re simply having fun and adventure with your friends.

You don’t have to stay fit and healthy on your own. Stay physically active with your friends while partying at an escape room.

3. Develop the Art of Communication

Being an excellent communicator comes in handy in the escape room. You’ll need to be able to get across your message to your team members if you’re going to escape.

However, communication isn’t just about speaking. You’re going to need to listen carefully to the people around you as well. Who thought you could pick up skills while at a party?

4. Practice Your Critical Thinking Skills

Critical thinking skills are always in high demand. You need to be able to think through complex problems under time pressure. 

Can you manage it? Well, you’re about to discover if you have what it takes when you enter the escape room.

Just as with any skill, you need to practice it over and over to make it perfect. You’ll be shocked at how handy your escape room skills could be in the real world.

5. More for Your Money

When you invite lots of people to a party, they expect you to pay for them? However, covering the cost of everyone at your party is extremely expensive. 

You may not be able to afford to take everyone for dinner and drinks. But, you can probably get the money together to go to an escape room.

If you have more than six people, you only have to pay €20 each for a game. That’s money well spent!

Book Your Escape Room Party in Dublin

Now you know why so many people love escape room parties. You can have fun, learn new skills and bond with each other for a fraction of the price of other activities. 

Do you want to book your escape room party? Get in touch with us to make the arrangements for your event!