Become a Winner: 5 Escape Room Strategies Everyone in Dublin Should Know

Whether you’re out of a date or are a thrill seeker, escape rooms are becoming popular in Dublin. Here are 5 escape room strategies to ensure you win.

These escape room strategies will make you win every game! Want to be the star in your escape room group? Then, you need some reliable strategies that’ll help you win every time.

We’ve got those insider tips you’re looking for. Whether you want to knock the socks off your date or impress some coworkers. Here are five escape room strategies that’ll have your competition begging for mercy!

Number One on Our List of Escape Room Strategies is [drum roll…]: Pick Your Teammates With Care

You could defeat the world’s best escape room by working with the best people. Choosing the right people is knowing who you flow best with. What does this mean though?

It means clear communication and being on the same page. If you don’t get along, it’s going to be a struggle to divide tasks. Also, look for people that balance you out.

It’s tempting to choose your friends. Instead, look for people that’ll catch details or formulating patterns.

2. Divide and Conquer

At the start of the game, make one team member in charge of one task. As you go through the game, make sure your teammates voice any interesting clues or facts they find. Again, clear communication will help you progress faster.

Think of escape rooms as games to see how well you work as a team—that means you have to work together. Break off to your own tasks to save time, but remember to come back and collaborate.

3. The Right Time is the Best Time

Consider timing, and when you and your team will be at your best mental selves. If you work nights, morning escape room challenges will be impossible. Also, if you’re planning a date night, think about dinner and taking other activities.

Escape rooms can take full hours to complete, and for some, it can be daunting.

4. Keep Calm and Carry On

You might learn more than you want to know about your teammates while doing an escape room challenge. One of the best escape room tips we love to give is to keep a cool head. Getting upset is easy to do, but it’ll cloud your judgment.

When you get stuck, you feel like there is no way out! That’s when you have to remember to breathe and collaborate. Use your resources, which leads us to our find strategy.

5. Don’t Forget to Use Your Resources

Don’t ignore clues—they’re there for a reason, to help! When you find a clue, lay them out in clear view for the team. Reference back to those details whenever you get stuck.

Theorizes the possibilities, then look for supporting evidence. When you prove yourself wrong, you can look elsewhere.

Getting Ready for Your First Escape Room Challenge

These top five escape room strategies never fail! And if you want to test your hand out at these tough challenges, book an escape room. From here, you can also check out our vouchers.

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