Frightful Friday Night Fun: Daring Dublin Date Ideas to Try This October

Looking for fun & frightful friday night Dublin date ideas to try this October? Look no further because we’ve got your list of fall’s must-do events!

Dublin has been a popular tourist destination for decades. In fact, nearly 6 million foreigners visited the city in 2017. Despite that, many locals may not know about the many exciting activities that are available in their own famous city.

Fear not, fellow reader. Because for this October, we have some very fun and frightful Dublin date ideas that are sure to make your Friday night more memorable. Continue reading to learn more.

Halloween Roller Disco

Let’s take it back to the 70s with this spooky roller disco. The city’s only roller disco rink, The Rink at D12 is located on Long Mile Road.

The main event is happening between 8 and 10 pm on October 31st. It only costs €10 per person and that’s including skate hire! The event is open for kids, families, and adults so everyone can come out and enjoy it.

Disco Bloodbath

Continuing the disco theme, this party is hosted by the LGBTQ friendly party planners known simply as Mother. This year’s party will take place in an 18th-century crypt called Wolf Tone Square and is sure to be super spooky. The theme is “less is more, blood and gore,” so take that as you will.

There “re-activated actors” and “undead drag queens” to keep the fun going all night. Happening the night of October 28th, the event goes from 11 pm to 3 am.

But tickets are limited so get them while there’s still some left.

Escape Room

There’s a lot of reasons to check out an escape room in Dublin. And though they’re spooky any time of year, they’re especially eery in October.

Escape rooms typically involve a group of friends trying to solve various puzzles before a timer runs out. They’re fast-paced and tons of fun. It’s great if you want to double date.

Tall Tales

Tall Tales is a haunted mansion Halloween music festival. Brought to you by the world-famous Hunt and Gather Creations party planners. Set in Loughcrew Gardens & Estate Oldcastle, this awesome party lasts from 11 pm to 5 am on October 29th.

There are 3 stages and costs only €55. A bus ticket isn’t included. The event is also BYOB and BYOC (bring your own reusable cup).

And be aware that no glass bottles or cups are allowed.

Finding the Best Dublin Date Ideas for Your October

There are a plethora of spooky and enjoyable Dublin date ideas for both the adventurous and conservative couples out there. Just watch out as many of these fun date ideas only happen for one day and have a limited number of tickets.

Luckily, you don’t have to search too hard to find the perfect date idea for you. And always remember to dress up! The more involved you get, the more fun it’ll all be!

Are you interested in learning more about escape rooms in Dublins or just fun things to do in general? Contact us today and take part in one of our exhilarating escape boats!