So finally after nearly 250 teams and over 1000 new players we are ready to fit our the second instalment of the Escape Boats games. The team have been designing, sawing, installing and tweaking for the last few weeks and we’re hopeful that Dublin will have it’s newest Escape Game before Christmas. We’ve had a phenomenal response from all of our players and the demand for a new room has been intense – we are hugely looking forward to seeing if players enjoy this as much as our first game SOS.

There will be surprises and shananigans aplenty on board so keep an eye on the website and the facebook page for opening news.

In the meantime if enthusiasts are looking for other games to quench their Escape Room thirst, we’ve drawn up a list of the other Escape Rooms in the City that you might be interested in trying out while you wait for our new room to open:

AdventureRooms   We’ve played nearly all of their games and can highly recommend them for fans of puzzles. Great staff and several games available.

Incognito Escape Room We’ve played both of the games here and loved them. Great setup and staff are brilliant.

5 Quests A new company with 2 games Pharaohs Tomb and Jungle Quest. We haven’t tried them yet but they are getting good reviews

GoQuest Indoor Challenge Zone. They have a number of challenges and it differs to an escape room as it’s more of a group of individual challenges than the escape room format.

Some others that we haven’t tried yet that are available – Escape DublinBolt Escape GamesThe Clockwork DoorXIT, and Escape VR

If you hear of any new games or if you want to invite us to try out your game feel free to email us on info@escapeboats.ie