Book an Escape Room: 5 Reasons it’s One of the Best Office Party Ideas

The typical office party is always the same. The venue might change, the theme will be different but at the end of the day, it’s a group of colleagues in little groups wondering why they’ve bothered.

Office party ideas that your staff can get excited about are hard to come by. Enter the escape room. If you want to give your staff a fun and different party where they can embrace a challenge and all work together, escape rooms are a winner.

Read on to discover why booking an escape room will change your office party from boring to brilliant!

1. Everyone Can Contribute

There are always members of the team that are louder than everyone else. They excel in putting themselves forward and are comfortable speaking up. But you’ll probably have staff members who are great problem-solvers, even if they’re quiet or introverted.

In the escape room environment here in Dublin, the puzzles will appeal to all personalities. Every team member will bring their own unique way of thinking to help solve the puzzle and it can be a lot easier to find your voice when you’ve realised how to get out.

2. Colleague Bonding

At traditional office parties, it’s common for existing friends to group together and not put in the effort to speak to other colleagues. Of course, it’s nice to chat with your favourite colleagues but new work relationships can have positive effects on output and office politics.

When a group enters the escape room, everybody shares one common goal; to escape! This breaks the ice between unfamiliar colleagues and gets everybody working together in a fun environment as if they’ve known each other for years.

3. Satisfaction

We all know the simple satisfaction of getting a pub quiz question right or even winning as a team. With escape rooms, there’s a set of puzzles to solve and each solution gives everyone a joint sense of excited satisfaction.

If the team manages to beat the clock and escape in time, they get to share this exhilarating satisfaction with each other and immediately sense they’ve achieved something together.

Escape rooms can be solved when everyone works as a team and this mutual achievement is fantastic for nurturing teamwork skills.

4. Friendly Competition

Our Dublin escape rooms hold 2-10 people so office parties will often have multiple teams. This means that not only are each team competing against the clock to escape, but they can compete against the other teams too.

Who will escape in the quickest time?

5. Breaks Tradition

Offices parties often involve eating and drinking which is a lot like what we get up to in our free time too. Escape rooms offer a different form of entertainment — one that’s exciting, requires creative thinking and working together for success.

This break in tradition appeals to everyone up for a challenge and no one leaves the escape rooms without a huge smile on their face!

Need Office Party Ideas? Book an Escape Room!

To give your staff the gift of fun, challenge, and satisfaction, booking an escape room is one of the best office party ideas. Our escape rooms are uniquely set on a boat too, adding a hilarious new dimension.

Get in touch to chat about your office party needs and how you can get your staff scratching their heads and solving puzzles.