What to do after you’ve played Escape Boats?

You’ve played the game and nothing seems as fun as what you’ve just done – what can you do?

So you’ve just escaped from the boat and although all other activities pale in significance to what you have just experienced, we have managed to come up with a few ideas that might calm your spirits and gently ease you back into the world. Until your next game……


Sure what else would you be doing? You might need a drink after what you’ve just been through. Here’s some of the best nearby:


Just down the road from Escape Boats, these guys love games and we love them. They have a ton of games in their pub as well as craft beers and food. A great spot to ‘froth’* after your escape game. They also have a room you can book with games for groups.

*froth (noun) p. frawth: what happens when people talk about their experiences at a game or event in an excited, positive manner.


Very much a pub geared more towards the locals than tourists, Grogan’s is a great place to simply spend a little while enjoying a pint and maybe a sandwich or two. Outside seating is available, so feel free to sit back and watch the people of Dublin go about their daily business as you quietly sip on your pint of Guinness.


The Brazen Head dates all the way back to 1198, and it has left a lasting impression on Irish popular culture. James Joyce made reference to it in Ulysses. When you enter this pub you are truly stepping back in time, as you become engulfed in the smells and sounds that have echoed through those imposing walls for over eight centuries, which is an experience unmatched by any other pub in the land.


Rural Pub Tours

This is a brilliant and unusual way to see the countryside and get to drink in the best pubs. Shane, who set this tour up quite a few years ago, is a legend. He knows every backwater watering hole in the country and has a few tales to boot. The food and the craic is mighty – can’t recommend this one enough.

Dublin Literary Pub Crawl

A pub crawl with a difference – literary quotes, with informative and witty banter about Ireland’s most famous writers. You wander past Trinity College and into many of Dublin’s most famous pubs while listening to informative stories that you’ll never hear in the holiday brochure. A really imaginative tour of Ireland’s rich cultural history done in an utterly unique and original way.


Musical Pub Crawl

A great and novel way to find your way around Dublin and find out more about this great city. This is a mammoth 2 and a half hour tour of the pubs of Temple Bar. You’ll be guided along by two professional musicians and with them you’ll get to visit some of the best pubs and bars with Irish music for company, all part of a wonderfully traditional Irish evening.

Ok – so the article is a little slanted towards drinking. But it is Dublin after all. Don’t worry – we’ll be publishing a guide to other activities next week. There’s more to life than just drinking. So they say.