Did you know that the UK and Ireland have well over 1,000 escape rooms

The popular game tests people’s physical and mental abilities as they work together to figure out how to get out of a room in which they are locked in. Making it the perfect birthday party activity. 

Learn more about how to celebrate in style with an escape room birthday party.

5 Reasons to Have an Escape Room Party

The first escape game was created in 2004. It was a video game called Crimson Room and was made by Toshimitsu Takagi. In 2007 a Japanese company called SCRAP held the very first live escape room.

And since then, escape rooms and escape parties have become a new craze. But why should you have an escape room party?

1. Team Building

Escape parties are the perfect excuse to bring your group of friends together and strengthen your friendship. Escape rooms rely on teamwork and collaboration, which is guaranteed to improve your friendship.

2. Save Money

Birthday parties can be very expensive, so if you want to save money an escape room party is a great inexpensive activity you can choose. Don’t let your lack of money stop you from celebrating your birthday.

Do a quick Google search and save money by finding a local escape room. Try searching for an ‘escape room birthday party near me’.

3. Everyone Can Take Part

Some activities might restrict some of your friends from taking part in your birthday party. For example, if you go to a theme park some of your friends might not be tall enough to go on some of the rides.

Everyone is welcome and can take part in an escape room, which is exactly why you should book your party at one. People of all ages and sizes enjoy putting their brains to the test of escaping every day.

4. Unique and Different

Are you tired of going to the same restaurant for your birthday dinner? Why not mix it up by choosing a unique and different activity? Such as an escape room!

You can even tailor and personalise your experience because escape rooms have many different themes. Make it a birthday to remember, by finding an escape room that caters to a range of different escape room birthday party ideas and chooses the best one for you and your friends.

5. Have Fun and Feel Accomplished

Escape rooms are a great way to get your group of friends together and have some fun to celebrate your birthday. 

Escape parties will also ensure that everyone feels rewarded and accomplished after the 60 minutes are up and you all successfully escaped. 

When you are ready to book your escape room party, make sure you check out these 5 strategies you’ll need for Dublin escape rooms. 

Book an Escape Room Birthday Party

As you can see there are many reasons why you should have an escape room party. Escape rooms can be extremely fun and can bring you and your friends together.

Book your escape room birthday party now, we have a choice between Convicts and SOS. Or you can buy a gift voucher for your friend’s birthday, which allows up to 10 players.