So, perhaps like us, you discovered Escape Rooms recently (well we discovered them in 2016…..). You may have played Escape Boats and loved it. You may, like us, love hugely immersive, high quality escape games. But where can you find them? Not all escape rooms are the same quality, not all games have the same type of puzzles. There is a huge variety and styles of games out there. When we started out on our project, we wanted to build the best escape room in Dublin. We visited rooms in Dublin and then many in the UK and Europe to see what there was out there. Some were disappointing but some were amazing. So we thought we’d share this list with you so you can add some of them to your bucket list:

  1. TIME RUN LONDON: We played this hugely immersive game which as soon as you reach the door, reeks of quality. An amazing portal to enter, followed by amazing actors, a robot, 3 beautifully crafted rooms in different time dimensions, a Nazi Architect’s office, an Egytian tomb and a space ship. Puzzles are excellent and diverse and the game is seamless. But it has since closed and they have just opened their latest project Sherlock – The Game is Now. https://www.thegameisnow.com/ which brings the escape room phenomenon into new territory. Expensive but worth every penny . 5 stars *****
  2. SHERLOCKED – THE VAULT – AMSTERDAM: This was one of the most beautiful venues we have played in. Based in a genuine bank, the building is stunning architecturally and the game is bang on theme as it is played in the original bank vault. Original puzzles and immersion from the get go, with excellent actors, this is the only game we have not escaped from (although we had drunk quite a bit of wine beforehand which didn’t help – not recommended!). If you are in Amsterdam it’s a must. 5 stars ******  https://sherlocked.nl/
  3. CUTTHROAT CAVERN – 13th GATE ESCAPE ROOMS – BATON ROUGE, LOUISIANA, USA: While we haven’t actually played this game, the reviews and feedback from it have been so phenomenal that we are thinking of a trip to the USA soon (maybe after the 2020 elections….). The game has a full size replica pirate ship for gods sake – a full size pirate ship built in an enormous actual cavern. It scored 7 stars on the main review site for escape rooms in the USA. And they only mark out of 5. 7 STARS ******** https://www.13thgateescape.com/index.html
  4. THE LOST TREASURE OF ALEXANDER HUMBOLDT – THE ROOM – BERLIN:The attention to detail in this is second to none. The craftsmanship with every element is superb and the storyline and flow are amazing. A must if you are in Berlin. 5 STARS ***** https://www.the-room-berlin.com/en/the-room
  5. ESCAPE BOATS – SOS – DUBLIN: While we like to be modest, fans of escape games have insisted that this is one of the best rooms ever. It’s completely unique setting, and use of immersive props and one of the most unique endings ever, make this one of the worlds most unforgettable escape rooms. 5 STARS ***** https://escapeboats.ie/
  6. On board the Escape room dublinWe’ll keep adding to this list over the next few months. Next week we’ll post a guide to the best escape rooms in Ireland which of course includes the legendary Escape Boats – the best Escape Room in Ireland. Allegedly.Thanks for reading and keep escaping!